Use district heat correctly

​You can save energy in district heated houses without having to make massive investments.

When heating equipment is used correctly, energy will be saved without having to compromise healthy and comfortable living. Equipment in a good condition ensures that room temperature is enjoyably balanced, that there is enough water and that it is the right temperature.

Recommended temperatures:  

  • residential and office rooms 20–22°C
  • shops, studies and industrial facilities 18°C
  • warm storages 12°C
  • garages 5°C

Check district heating equipment

  • no visible leaks
  • if there are internal leaks in the equpment, service water will turn green
  • the adjustment automation functions; heating and warm water, etc.
  • the pumps function and rotate to the correct direction
  • the conservator functions and there is enough water, particularly when the heating season begins

More generally, if the temperature of warm service water varies, there is a fault in the adjustment automation. In case of a defect, contact the adjustment equipment expert or the pipe contractor.  

Monitor cooling on a regular basis


The difference between the incoming and returning district heat water of the property is called the cooling of district heat water. The higher the difference is the better the building's district heating equipment function. A good cooling level during the heating period is an average of
Investigate the causes if cooling during the heating period is below 25°C or considerably different from previous values. The bill includes actual cooling of district heating water.  

If you suspect a fault, the cause may be in the dirt trap


The dirt trap filters out the major impurities from the district heating network's water. If the trap is clogged, the pressure gauges on the incoming and returning side of district heat almost show the same figures. If you suspect that the trap is clogged, call our on-call fault service at 0800 1 95011. 

Keep the heat distribution room tidy


The heat distribution room is for district heating equipment. The door should be locked. Ensure unrestricted access to the heat distribution room. 



If there are problems with your radiators or their thermostatic valves, please contact the house manager, a HPAC company or the seller of the equipment.

The consumption report

A user report about actual consumption is sent each year for free.  The Consumption Report is available only in Finnish. If you wish to read explanations about report in English, please see the reading instructions by clicking the link below.