Connection billing

The connection bill specified in the district heating contract is invoiced in two instalments, the first one after signing the contract and the second one when the heat delivery begins.

The connection fee depends on the customer's district heat contract power Q/kW or water flow m3/h. The contractual power or water flow is based on the peak power required in the location-specific dimensioning temperature of district heat. 

Billing district heat

We read district heat meters remotely once a month, and billing is based on actual monthly consumption. In exceptional cases, we can charge for estimated consumption, which means that we will even out the consumption in the next bill.

Your energy effective operations will show in the costs of heating and using warm service water in regard to both the power fee and energy fee. The pricing of the power fee is based on the measured need for heating power. The calculation basis for this is the highest measured three-hour power period during the last three years.

Payment methods include traditional printed bill or electronic bill. If you want to switch to electronic billing, please consult our Customer Service.