You can also contact our customer service

  • Agreement: How can I make an electricity agreement?

    Call our customer service. Customer Service helps you in all questions related to agreements.

    ​tel 0200 19000 (local network/mobile charge)
    Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm

  • Agreement: I'll move to Helsinki (or some other place), can I have an electricity agreement with Fortum?

    No matter where you live in Finland. You can make an agreement with us. We inform your local electricity distribution company about the new contract.

  • eInvoice: What does eInvoice mean?

    ​eInvoice means an electronic bill sent directly to your online bank. The sender of the invoice, such as Fortum Asiakaspalvelu Oy, will not send you a hard copy of the invoice to you by regular mail. Instead, you will receive an electronic copy to your online bank. Your bill will then be available in your online bank in due time for you to approve.

  • Period of notice for agreements: What is the period of notice for my agreement?

    ​In the case of an electricity agreement that is valid until further notice, the period of notice is 14 days. A fixed-term electricity agreement is always valid for the agreed period of time. Fixed-term agreements can also be terminated, however, if the person who has signed the agreement moves or passes away.​

You can see more questions and answers by selecting a category

You can see more questions and answers by selecting a category