Brand identity and intangibles

Fortum's brand identity reflects our desire to make responsible choices in order to meet the long-term needs of the people and communities in which we operate.

Our core purpose has been defined as "Our energy improves life for present and future generations" and in order to deliver this, our aim is to be the benchmark power and heat company by becoming the energy supplier of choice, through profitable growth, by promoting market-driven development of the electricity market and by performance excellence.

The corporate logo forms the foundation for our brand identity both externally and internally. The single most important visual element of the brand is the corporate logo. The colours of the logo, blue and green, communicate freshness and development while the font of the logo is round and light, communicating straightforwardness and approachability. It reflects Fortum's strong energy-industry experience and knowledge and it reflects Fortum as a company that cares about its customers and the environment.

Intangible assets
Fortum's human capital, competent and committed people, is the key to Fortum's competitive performance and the key to differentiating us in the constantly intensifying competition within the energy industry. A significant part of Fortum's assets are intangible assets, resulting from the conversion of the know-how, capabilities, skills and innovations of our employees into intangible assets such as documents, programs, drawings, processes and inventions. We actively protect strategic and critical intangibles to secure our businesses competitive edge. These protected intangibles comprise Fortum's portfolio of intellectual property rights (IPR) portfolio consisting of trademarks, domain names and patents.

Fortum's IPR-portfolio consists of some 50 registered trademarks, 100 domain names and 50 patent families. The most valuable intangible asset is the corporate logo which is registered world wide. Even though Fortum is moving towards a one-brand company, business units also protect products and processes by trademarks and supporting domain names. Fortum's patent portfolio is highly focused to support our present businesses.

Safeguarding our brand and IPRs
In Fortum we reward not only inventors but also any employee that bring to the management's attention possible infringements of our intangibles in order to increase the awareness and pro-activity among the employees in protecting our brand and IPRs, and to avoid that Fortum infringing competitor's rights.