​The company has one auditor, which shall be an audit firm certified by the Central Chamber of Commerce. The auditor is elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of office that expires at the end of the first Annual General Meeting following the election.

Fortum Corporation's Annual General Meeting on 31 March 2015 elected Authorised Public Accountant Deloitte & Touche Oy as auditor, with authorised Public Accountant Jukka Vattulainen having the principal responsibility.

Principal auditors' fees

​EUR million ​2015 ​2014 ​2013
​Audit fees ​1.3 ​1.3 ​1.4
​Audit related assignments ​0.3 ​0.1 ​0.2
​Tax assignments ​0.0 ​0.2 ​0.0
​Total ​1.6 ​1.7 ​1.6