Fortum in Poland

Fortum’s core businesses in Poland are efficient combined heat and power production as well as heat distribution. The company aims to improve sustainability, meet the needs of local communities and strengthen its market position.

​Fortum has been operating in Poland since 2003. It currently has three CHP plants and over 800 km of district heating networks that serve around 360,000 households in the cities of Płock, Wrocław, Częstochowa, Zabrze and Bytom. The overall power generation capacity is currently about 200 MW and heat generation capacity is over 1,100 MW. Fortum has some 600 employees in Poland.

Map of PolandFortum’s CHP plant in Częstochowa was commissioned in 2010. The CHP plant in Zabrze, which is one of the oldest energy production facilities operating in Poland, as well as the plant in Bytom will be replaced with a new, more efficient and lower-emission multi-fuel combined heat and power plant. The new plant is expected to start commercial operation by the end of 2018, providing district heating to some 70,000 households in Zabrze and Bytom.

Fortum’s Polish headquarters are located in Wrocław, where the company owns over 500 km of district heating networks. Fortum Business Services (FBS) has also a unit in Wrocław, providing financial  services for Fortum's business units, corporate centre and subsidiaries.

Fortum is continuously developing ways to increase the efficiency and availability of its Polish plants. In Częstochowa, Fortum is assessing the conditions for the production of cooling from district heat with adsorption technology. Commercial implementation of this project may increase heat demand during the summer, further enhancing the efficiency of the CHP. Fortum is also testing ways to improve CHP availability and security of heat supply by reducing boiler corrosion. 

Fortum's power plants in Poland 

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