Fortum in Sweden

As one of the major energy companies in Sweden, Fortum’s focus is on the production of electricity, district heating and cooling, and on electricity sales.

We have some 1.3 million electricity sales customers in the Nordic countries, about a half of them are in Sweden. We serve private households, large industrial companies and local electricity utilities. The electricity is produced with CO2-free hydro and nuclear power. Private customers in Sweden can choose which hydropower plant’s electricity they want to buy or they can opt for electricity produced with wind or solar power. 

In 2015, our total power generation capacity in Sweden was 4669 MW. We have a total of 130 hydropower plants in Sweden; these plants yield more than 50% of the produced electricity. In addition, Fortum is a co-owner in two Swedish nuclear power plants, Oskarshamn and Forsmark. We have some 600 employees.

In the Greater Stockholm area, we have a joint venture, Fortum Värme, together with the City of Stockholm. Fortum Värme produces electricity, district heating and cooling.  It distributes and sells district heating and cooling to industrial customers and households. In 2015, Fortum Värme’s power generation capacity was 639 MW and heat production capacity 3,891 MW. Fortum Värme is currently building a new biofuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Värtan, Stockholm. The value of the investment is approx. EUR 500 million. The new plant is planned to be commissioned in 2016. The annual production of heat equals the annual consumption of about 190,000 middle-sized Swedish households. Fortum Värme employs over 700 people.


Fortum's hydropower plants in Sweden

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CHP production in Sweden

CHP plants owned by joint venture Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad

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Hässelby CHP plant