Discontinued operations (Distribution)

Distribution segment contained distribution activities in Sweden until 1 June 2015 when Fortum completed the divestment of its Swedish electricity distribution business.
Upon the closing of the transaction, the divestment process of distribution businesses in Sweden, Norway and Finland was completed. Distribution segment has been presented as discontinued operations since the first quarter 2015. Data in the table below is from the end of the year 2014.
​Discontinued operations (Distribution-segment) ​
Geographic presence, production and distribution assets and/or customer base Sweden
* over 70,000 km of distribution lines
*22,100 substations
Over 900,000 customers​
Volumes ​* Distribution transmission 17.6 TWh
* Regional network transmission 13.8 TWh
Sales ​EUR 751 million
Share of Fortum's sales ​14%
Comparable operating profit ​EUR 266 million
Comparable EBITDA ​EUR 416 million
Net assets ​EUR 2,615 million
Comparable return on net assets ​9.3%
Capital expenditures and gross investments in shares ​EUR 147 million
Employees ​390
 (On 31 December 2014)