Power and Technology Segment

Fortum has reorganised its business structure as of 1 April 2016. The information in the table below is dated 31 December 2015. Read more on the reorganisation:
Fortum to reorganise its business structure as of 1 April 2016 (Stock exchange release 19 Feb 2016)

Until 31 March 2016, the Power and Technology segment incorporated two divisions: the Hydro Power and Technology Division and the Nuclear and Thermal Power Division. The segment consisted of Fortum's hydro, nuclear and thermal power generation, Power Solutions with expert services, portfolio management and trading, as well as technology and R&D functions.

​Power and Technology Segment ​
​Geographic presence, production and distribution assets and/or customer base ​Production in Finland and Sweden
* In Finland and Sweden full or co-ownership in 159 hydropower plants
* Two fully-owned nuclear reactors and eight co-owned nuclear power plant units
* One co-owned and two fully-owned condensing power plants
* Ownership in three wind power companies
Expert services worldwide
Market position ​* Third largest power producer in the Nordic countries
* Among the 15 largest in Europe and Russia
Production capacity ​Power 8,046 MW
Heat 0 MW
Volumes ​* Nordic power sales 48.1 TWh
* Total power sales 48.1 TWh
​Sales EUR 1,722 million​
Share of Fortum's sales ​50%
Comparable operating profit ​EUR 561 million
Comparable EBITDA ​EUR 680 million
Net assets ​EUR 5,913 million
Comparable return on net assets ​9,5%
Capital expenditures and gross investments in shares ​EUR 203 million
Employees ​ 1,341
Business and result drivers ​* Nordic power supply-demand balance, volatility and price; stability through hedging
* About 98% of production is hydro and nuclear power: hydrological situation, nuclear power availability, and prices of fuels and emission allowances
* Maintenance and asset lifetime management practices and costs
* Investments into new or existing generation
Strategy drivers ​* Existing CO2-free, flexible and market-driven production portfolio
* Solid position and competence in hydro and nuclear production in the Nordic power market
* Liberalisation and integration of European power market

(On 31 December 2015)