Supplier standards and supplier selection

For information on our supplier standards, please see related below (links to Supply Chain Management, Fortum Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct).

Supplier Selection

It is important that we receive all the relevant information in the supplier selection process so that we can find the suppliers that best fulfil our needs and requirements.

1. The first step is to fill in the General information form (can be found below as file attachment) and send it to as an attachment.
2. Fortum carries out its own evaluation - provided that all the necessary information can be found in the form.
3. In case your company fulfils our requirements, we will send you a more specific Supplier Questionnaire. The Supplier Questionnaire initiates our supplier approval process.
4. If your company is accepted as a new supplier, your company profile is saved to our database through which we are able, for example, to target Requests for Proposal directly to eligible suppliers.  

Purchases under public procurement obey the regulations of public procurement.

For more information, please contact: