Voluntary environmental projects

Through Fortum`s involvement in voluntary environmental projects, it goes beyond its legal obligations to reduce the environmental impacts of hydropower production.

In cooperation with local residents and municipalities, research institutes and environmental authorities, Fortum participates in environmental care efforts and promotes the recreational use of river systems in many ways. For years, we have collaborated to restore watersystems and improve riverside landscaping. We also continuously strive to develop the regulation of water systems in order to better align the needs of other water purposes with the needs of hydropower production. We have improved the recreational use of water systems by building boat moorage and launch ramps on shorelines.

We also support projects implemented by other stakeholders to reduce the environmental impacts of hydropower production and to foster biodiversity in developed water systems. In Sweden, we have funded some of the projects with revenue from the sales of Bra Miljöval-labelled electricity. Some of the proceeds from the sales of our Ekoenergy-labelled electricity have been allocated to Fortum and The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s joint fund for use in the Vuoksi restoration project. 


Our voluntary environmental projects in Finland:


Vuoksi water system
In co-operation with the City of Imatra and Southeast Finland ELY Center, we have implemented the following projects:

  • Fish habitat restoration in 2013, 2014
  • Urban stream of City of Imatra

Oulujoki water system 
Within the framework agreement (called OUMO) for joint environmental projects in the Oulujoki water system, the environmental and recreation values of regulated river have been increasing since 1998. The main financier in the framework is Fortum, and other sponsors include municipalities, regional ELY Centres and other hydropower companies operating within the water system.

The funding is provided for projects that effectively enhance migratory fish populations, increase recreational value, or communicate the advantages of hydropower. The impact of the projects should reach as many citizens as possible. The current agreement civers the years 2014-2017, and each year about 350 000 euros is allocated for projects.

The joint projects within OUMO

  • Enhancement of of water area and landing place for boats in Paltamo Luhtaniemi 2016
  • General enhancement of the boat landing site in Sotkamo Juurikkalahti 2015, 2016
  • Construction of pier for dip-net fishing in Suomussalmi 2016
  • Winter swimming site in Muhos Kirkkosaari 2016
  • Presentation material of River Oulujoki (Humanpolis Oy) 2016
  • General plan to improve the water quality of Utajärvi water bodies 2015, 2016
  • Enhancement of the harbour area of Vaala Nimisjärvi 2015, 2016
  • Recreational fishing project of Montta reservoir 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Restoration of bird floodplain areas in Suomussalmi Lakes Juntusjärvi and Kulmajärvi 2012-2015
  • Construction of harbour area of Kuhmo Jämäslahti 2015
  • Enhancement of shore area of Hyrynsalmi Vonkka 2015
  • Enhancement of shore area of Ristijärvi Pirtin rantaraitti 2015
  • Trap-and-transport of migratory salmon to River Utosjoki and Kutujoki 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Monitoring of behaviour and reproduction of transported salmon 2016
  • Smolt net fishing in River Utosjoki 2015, 2016
  • Stocking of juvenile salmon and trout to tributaries of River Oulujoki
  • Habitat restoration of salmonids in main stem and tributaries since 1998; most recently in 2013
  • Designing work of trap-and-transport facilities close to Montta hyrdopower plant 2015, 2016 

Our voluntary environmental projects in Sweden:

  •  We continued researching the possibilities to introduce the freshwater pearl mussel in the Eldbäcken bio channel.
  • We continued the research project on the downstream migration of salmonids in the Klarälven river.
  • We are investigating possible measures to protect the endangered Gullspång salmon population.
  • We continued restoration and management for protection of flood meadows and forests, biotopes with high biodiversity by River Dalälven
  • We contunued studying opportunities to start environmental protection projects for a specific trout of the Rottnan river
  • We funded reseach of red-listed thich -shelled river mussel (Unio Crassus) thtough a LIFE project
  • We funded reseach on the fresh-water pearl mussel and the possibility for reproduction
  • We started legal process to remove two dams in Värmland and ecological restoration at the lake outlets. In cooperation with municipalities
  • We started Feasibility study of natural fish spawning in lower Dalälven. In cooperation with counties in Gävleborg and Uppsala and Vattenfall
  • We funded a catch statistics of salmon and other fish species in Lake Vänern. A cooperation project with Anglers association