Loviisa 1-2 power plants

Loviisa power plant

The Loviisa nuclear power plant consists of two plant units, Loviisa 1 and Loviisa 2. The plant units generate a combined eight terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity annually for the national grid. That covers of about one-tenth of Finland's electricity production. In terms of availability, Loviisa ranks among the world's best nuclear power plants.

The key figures measuring the Loviisa nuclear power plant's safety and performance reliability have been good throughout its operational history. The annual load factors have risen colse to and even exceeded 90%. The number of actual serious disturbances has been very low. The electricity produced by the Loviisa nuclear power plant is used as a base load, continuous, year-round, energy source.

Production year 2013 was safe and good at Fortum's Loviisa Power Plant. Loviisa power plant produced 8.04 terawatt hours of electricity, which is about 9 per cent of electricity production in Finland.

Loviisa unit 1, weekly production, MWh

Loviisa unit 1, monthly production, MWh

Loviisa unit 2, weekly production, MWh

Loviisa unit 2, monthly production, MWh