Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of Fortum Corporation 2017

Fortum Corporation’s Annual General Meeting is planned to take place on 4 April 2017.

Shareholders' proposals to the Board of Directors for matters to be included on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting are to be sent on 5 January 2017 at the latest to the following address:

Fortum Corporation
Legal Affairs/AGM
P.O. Box 1
00048 FORTUM

The Notice to the Annual General Meeting is estimated to be published by stock exchange release and on the company's website on 2 February 2017. Financial Statements and Operating and Financial Review for 2016 will be published during week 10 at the latest.

Dates related to possible dividend distribution are:

  • the ex-dividend date: 5 April 2017,
  • the record date for dividend payment: 6 April 2017,
  • the dividend payment date: 13 April 2017.