Market areas and energy production

​Fortum generates electricity and heat in an environmentally benign manner using different energy sources. The company has energy production in the Nordic countries Russia, Poland, the Baltic countries and Great Britain. Fortum’s investment programme covers nuclear and hydropower refurbishments and new combined heat and power (CHP) plants. In many of our research and development projects we are also exploring the potential of new forms of renewable energy production, supporting our vision of the future energy system - Solar Economy.

Market development

This map shows Fortum’s energy production plants in different countries. In addition to the operating plants, the map also indicates Fortum’s new investment targets as well as the plants with production that is co-owned by Fortum. 

You can filter the information on the map by selecting the type of production from the list on the left hand side. By selecting "Plant status" you can find power plants under construction (Project) and power plants with shared ownership. You can get additional information about the plants by clicking on the site’s symbol on the map. Country specific information you can see by clicking the flag icons on the map. 

The map shows only those countries where Fortum has its own or co-owned energy production. Additionally, Fortum has offices and operation and maintenance services in other countries. You can see all Fortum sites from the 'Fortum worldwide' link.

Fortum worldwide