Share information

Share information

Fortum Corporation's shares (FORTUM) have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 18 December 1998. Industrial sector according to GICS: Electric utility

​​ Share tickers

Nasdaq Helsinki ​Ticker
​Fortum FORTUM
​Bloomberg FORTUM FH
​Reuters FORTUM.HE
 The minimum trading slot is 1 share.

Share Tools

With the following tools you can analyse Fortum's stock performance, calculate share return and look up historical quotes and volumes of Fortum shares.

Share Monitor is an interactive tool for viewing and analysing the market performance of Fortum share. Transaction information, graphs and calculations are dynamically updated every 60  seconds. All information is delayed (15 min) as per Nasdaq Helsinki rules.
Share Monitor


Historical price lookup
Search for closing quotes of Fortum shares.
Historical price lookup


Investment calculator
With this tool you can calculate the value of your Fortum investment.
Investment calculator


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Fortum is not aware of any effective shareholders' agreements.