Customer satisfaction and reputation

​Fortum has several million customers, and customer satisfaction is a top priority for Fortum’s value creation. We have set Group-wide targets for customer satisfaction and for Fortum’s reputation.

We invested in customer centricity in 2015

Our Group-wide development programme, Customer in the centre, has strengthened our culture of customer centricity and has increased the collaboration and shared ways of operating between our countries of operation. Developing user-friendly service channels and customer applications has improved customer satisfaction. During the year we redesigned our web site to be responsive, and the share of mobile users increased. New energy-efficiency services have been developed in closer collaboration with customers.
Our investments in customer-centric operations resulted in improved customer satisfaction.

One Fortum survey provides information about all stakeholder groups

We use the extensive One Fortum survey to annually measure customer and stakeholder satisfaction as well as changes in the company’s reputation and the factors that impact it. The survey covers customers, public administrations, capital markets, non-governmental organisations and opinion makers as well as Fortum’s personnel. In Finland and Sweden, we also survey the views of the general public.
As in the previous year, in 2015 we conducted the survey in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Baltic countries and Russia. Over 4,000 customers and 3,500 other stakeholders were interviewed for the One Fortum survey.

Improved customer satisfaction and reputation in the One Fortum survey

Fortum’s customer satisfaction improved in virtually all customer groups in 2015. Business customers of electricity sales, district heat and the Power Solutions unit were more satisfied with our operations than before. Satisfaction also improved among private customers of electricity sales, while satisfaction among private customers of district heat remained at the same level. We are pleased with the positive trend in customer satisfaction during the last five years that the One Fortum survey has been conducted.
Fortum has a strong reputation among public administration representatives. Our reputation improved the most in this group, compared to the previous year. Our reputation improved also among non-governmental organisations, opinion makers, personnel, and customers and is now good in all of these groups. Our reputation continues to be weakest among the general public; our reputation remained at the previous year’s level in Finland and improved slightly in Sweden. Fortum has a very good reputation in the capital markets, but analysts were not included in the 2015 survey. Based on the survey results, we should focus particularly on social responsibility and on taking customers into even more consideration in the future.

Customers satisfaction in electricity sales improved

The international and independent EPSI Rating annually surveys the level of satisfaction of electricity retail company customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Based on the 2015 EPSI survey, Fortum’s customer satisfaction improved in all three countries where we offer electricity products and services.
Our customer satisfaction rating in Norway increased to 75.6, which is clearly better than the industry average of 72.0 and is third best of the electricity companies in Norway. We also achieved our all-time best rating in Finland. Our result in Sweden was 64.4, which meant a 1.8 point improvement compared to 2014.

Customer satisfaction 1) in 2013-2015 (GRI G4-PR5)