Sustainability Reporting 2015

Fortum’s 2015 reporting entity is published. Sustainability is integrated into our annual reporting.

Annual Review 2015

Sustainability Reporting 2015

Sustainable production

More than 60% of our power generation is CO2 free and more than 30% is based on renewable energy sources.

Our energy production

Environmental impacts of our energy production

Energy efficiency as a target

Out target is to achieve over 1,400 GWh of annual energy savings by the year 2020.

Improving energy efficiency

Mitigating climate change

Energy-efficient products and services

We offer Climate-benign energy products, that boost the efficiency of customers’ energy use and reduce environmental impacts.

Products and services

Energy efficiency services

Safety - our common interest

We strive to be a safe workplace for our employees and for the contractors and service providers who work for us.

Operational and Occupational safety

Nuclear safety

Responsible purchasing

We ensure the responsibility of our suppliers through supplier pre-selection and audits.

Sustainable supply chain

Supply chain management

Stakeholder collaboration

Collaboration with our stakeholders helps us to assess and respond to the stakeholder groups’ expectations of the company.

Our stakeholders and collaboration

Generating economic value


Fortum receives high rating by CDP for climate actions

Press release

Sustainability News