We are a significant employer in the regions where we have operations. We aim to be a responsible employer that invests in the development and wellbeing of personnel.

Total workforce in 2015

In 2015 an average of 8,009 (2014: 8,821) employees worked at Fortum. The highest number of employees was in Russia, 4,180 (2014: 4,196) on average.  The number of Fortum’s permanent employees on 31 December 2015 was 7,522 (2014: 8,260), i.e. 96.0% (2014: 96.1%) of the personnel; 7,395 (2014: 8,078) of them were full-time employees and 127 (2014: 182) part-time employees. In general, Fortum does not use temporary workers.
Fortum uses contractors mainly in construction and maintenance work. Contractor employees worked at Fortum sites for a total of approximately 1,327,000 (2014: 1,359,000) days during the year. The figure is based on contractors’ hourly logs and on estimates based on job costs and average hourly rates. The figure has been calculated on the basis of an 8-hour work day.

Personnel statistics from 2015, by country of operation


Number of employees, 31 Dec.



Personnel by country, 31 Dec. 2015


Workforce by employment contract and employment type, broken down by region and gender (GRI G4-10)


Employee turnover in 2015

During the year 375 (2014: 619) new employees joined Fortum and 650 (2014: 668) employment relationships were terminated, of which 248 were terminated by the employer. Divestments and outsourcing reduced the number of personnel by a total of 184 (2014: 468). Departure turnover in 2015 was 8.3% (2014: 8.1%). Voluntary departure turnover was 4.2%.

Total number and rate of new employee hires and employee turnover (GRI G4-LA1)


Service years of the permanent employees in 2013-2015, %