Social responsibility

​Fortum interacts with millions of people through its businesses. We engage in an active dialogue with different stakeholder groups and we strive to find a balance between their various expectations.  Fortum’s social repsonsibility emphasises the secure supply of electricity and heat, creating solutions for sustainable cities, plant and occupational safety, as well as ethical business operations and compliance with regulations.

The most important social impacts of Fortum’s operations are: 

  • Uninterupted supply of power and heat
  • Promoting sustainable development and circular economy through products and services
  • Uninterupted operation and safe work environment at plants
  • Personnel well-being
  • Impacts related to the human rights of own and supply chain employees 
  • Support for non-profit activities and impacts on local communities
Fortum’s innovations and the secure supply of power and heat support the development of society and increase well-being. Fortum aims to use its expertise and experience to help cities solve challenges sustainably and to support building a circular economy. Fortum's solutions include efficient and reliable district heating and cooling, integrated electricity retail solutions and related applications, waste-to-energy and waste treatment, as well as enhancing e-mobility with smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Fortum promotes plant and occupational safety and well-being in the work community. Fortum’s sustainability approach also includes being a good corporate citizen and taking care of the surrounding communities.  We want to support responsible operations in Fortum’s supply chain and in society.

Fortum measures its social responsibility by monitoring CHP plant energy availability, lost workday injury frequency (LWIF) of own personnel and contractors, total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) of own personnel,  number of serious accidents and sickness absence rate.

Different sustainability indices and our own One Fortum stakeholder survey also measure the development and continuous improvement of our operational responsibility.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: Lehtikuva