Security of supply

​An uninterrupted energy supply is one of the basic prerequisites for modern society. With preventive condition monitoring and planned maintenance, we make sure that our power plants are operating reliably when they are needed.

Security of supply in 2015

We measure the availability of our CHP and hydropower plants with an energy availability indicator. It is calculated by dividing the power plant’s actual production by the theoretical maximum production in the period under review. The planned maintenance outages do not affect availability. However, if an outage of a CHP plant is longer than planned, this is considered an interruption, which decreases the availability. The average energy availability of our CHP plants in 2015 was 96.4% (2014: 94.7%); the target was 95%.
For hydropower plants, outages due to a failure and unplanned or prolonged outages decrease the availability factor only if they lead to spillage. The average energy availability of our hydropower plants was 99.16% (2014: 99.96%).
The load factor describing the energy availability of the Loviisa nuclear power plant was 92.9% (2014: 90.9%), which is high by international standards.