Policies and commitments

​Sustainability management at Fortum is strategy-driven and is based on the company’s values, the Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Conduct and the policies and their specifying instructions defined at the Group level. The company’s Group-level policies are approved by Fortum’s Board of Directors. The Group-level instructions are approved by either the President and CEO or by the head of the function responsible for the instruction.

International commitments and initiatives

Fortum has been a member of the UN Global Compact initiative since June 2010, and joined the UN Caring for Climate initiative in 2013. Fortum supports and respects the following international initiatives and commitments, and national and international guidelines, and they guide our operations in the areas of economic responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

International and national initiatives, commitments and guidelines

​Economic responsibility Environmental responsibility​ Social responsibility: Labour practices and decent work​ Social responsibility: Human rights ​Social responsibility: Society Social responsibility: Product responsibility
The UN Universal Declaration of Human rights​ ​x ​x
​International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ​x ​x ​x
​International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ​x ​x
​The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ​x ​x ​x
​The core conventions of the International Labour Organisation ​x ​x
The UN Global Compact initiative x ​x ​x ​x x
The UN Caring for Climate initiative​ ​x
​The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights ​x ​x ​x
​The statutes of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
​The International Chamber of Commerce’s anti‑bribery and anti‑corruption guidelines x ​x
The Bettercoal initiative’s Code on responsible coal mining​ ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
Responsible advertising and marketing guidelines​ ​x
​Environmental marketing guidelines ​x


Fortum’s internal policies and instructions

Fortum’s main policies and instructions guiding sustainability are listed below. The public documents can be accessed through the links.

Fortum’s internal policies and instructions

Economic responsibility​ Environmental responsibility​ Social responsibility: Labour practices and decent work​ Social responsibility: Human rights​ ​Social responsibility: Society ​Social responsibility: Product responsibility
Values​ ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
Code of Conduct​ ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
Supplier Code of Conduct ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
​Group Risk policy ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
Sustainability policy (including environmental, and health and safety policies) ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x ​x
​Minimum requirements for EHS management ​x ​x ​x ​x
​Biodiversity guideline ​x ​x
​Guidelines on sustainability assessment ​x ​x ​x ​x
Human resources policy​ ​x ​x ​x
​Accounting manual ​x ​x
​Group manual on investment evaluation and approval procedure ​x ​x
​Group instructions for anti-bribery ​x ​x
Group instructions for safeguarding assets​ ​x ​x
​Group instructions for conflicts of interest ​x ​x
​Group instruction on Competition Law ​x ​x
​Security guidelines ​x ​x ​x ​x
Sponsorship steering document ​x

Development and training related to instructions in 2015

Fortum’s Code of Conduct  and the related online training were updated in 2015. The Supplier Code of Conduct was revised towards the end of 2014. We report on the training related to the updated codes in the section “Ethics and compliance”.

We provide training in competition law through an online training course and tailored classroom training. Additionally, competition law is part of the online training related to the Code of Conduct.
Fortum has Group-level EHS guidelines and minimum requirements that set requirements for all the operations for which we have operative responsibility. In 2015 we updated these guidelines and trained more than 500 employees in the revised requirements.