Examples of icons


Customer icons (used only on fortum.fi and fortum.se start pages)

Size: 55x55 px
Color: #529900
Hover #f08c00

​Log in icon:

Size: 14x18 px
Color: #F08C00

Signed in icon:
Size: 14 x 18 px

Link icon (used only on fortum.com start page)

Size: 32 x32x px
Color: #529900
Hover #f08c00

Icon with link:
Size: 21x20 px
Color: #3e6b1c
Link colour #529900
Hover link #F08C00 and underlined
Link text 12 px
White background:
Rounded corners: Radius 5 px
Icon style:
These icons icons are based on the same irregular circle shape with a clear graphic pictogram inside the circle.

Note: When creating new icons the icon must have transparent background

Exclamation icon:

Size: 37x35 px
Color: #81C441