The web colour palette is first and foremost an adaptation of our overall brand identity colours used in other media. To ensure a clear and recognizable face for our brand it is essential that we maintain and support our digital colour palette.

The colour palette is categorized in primary and secondary colours. The primary colours are the preferred colours which should dominate the overall visual appearance. The secondary colours are to be used in a more subtle way for specific elements and should never dominate the visual design. In banners also other colours according to the brand guidelines may be followed if needed.

The Fortum orange colour (#F08C00) has been reserved for customer Log in box on the country sites and for highlighting mouse-over links.

The grey colour (#999999) has been reserved for lower priority links.
Bright red colour (#FF0000) is used for the information about emergencies and errors.

The Fortum dark green colour (#346100) has been reserved for other customer/product etc. related informative content on the country sites. To be applied also in the future?

The medium green (#529900) has been reserved for web elements, such as links and buttons.


Primary, secondary and neutral colors


Complementary colors