​The objectives for typography in our web appearance are to help us maintain consistency with our overall brand identity and to ensure good legibility for the content.

Typography on the web page

The basic guideline for our digital typography is that Arial should be used in most HTML-typography, as it is known to be a very user friendly font. The main headings (H1) for pages are exceptions, and e.g. HTML5 banner content may also use Corporate A or S fonts.

Typography in campaigns

In campaign HTML5 (no more flash should be used as it is not visible to all devices!) etc. pictures with text we use two fonts, Corporate A and S (Mac and Windows, Open Type). Corporate A is Fortum’s main font, used in headlines and body copy. Corporate A is supported by Corporate S, which is suitable to create contrast. These print fonts can be requested from Tarja Hänninen and web fonts from Heidi Jokinen. Please also inform Heidi the domain (url) in which you will use the Corporate S or A fonts.
We currently have a license to use these fonts up to 5 000 000 page views corporate wide.