Corporate typography

​Typography is a strong extension of our brand's personality. We use Corporate A as our primary corporate typeface. This clear, characteristic and approachable typeface helps us to communicate ideas simply and confidently.

Care should be taken to ensure that typefaces are never condensed or expanded. Proper line, letter and word spacing should be used for all running text to ensure good readability.

Ordering Fortum fonts
If you need Corporate A and S for Fortum internal user, place an order from My Service Portal. For external users (advertising agencies etc), contact Corporate Communications.

Primary typography
In printed material we use two fonts, Corporate A and S (Mac and WIndows, Open Type), Corporate A is Fortum's main font, used in headlines and body copy. Corporate A is supported by Corporate S, which is suitable to create contrast.


Typography examples
Depending on the situation and degree of branding required, a mix of fonts - Corporate A and S - should be used in order to create a contrast.

Standard typographical settings for Corporate A and S
Headlines settings should be 100% for Word Spacing and Glyph Scaling, kerning should be set at Optical and Tracking to -15%. Body text settings for Word Spacing and Glyph Scaling is 100%. Kerning should be set at Optical and Tracking to -10%. Adjust manually if necessary.


Secondary typography
The main font used in our office typography is Times New Roman supported by Arial. This guarantees uniformity regardless of hardware and application. Standard digital typography is found in the vast majority of computer programmes and platforms worldwide.