Images: photos, illustrations, symbols

​Photographs play an important role in reflecting our brand personality. Fortum photography is divided into documentary, descriptive and conceptual photographs.

Images of people should show them in natural every day situations. However, in order to generate interest, ideas must be dramatised in photographic terms. The outcome still aims at a genuine impression. Each photograph should tell its own story - the reason why it was taken. It is also important to remember that quantity never replaces quality: better no photograph than a bad photograph.

Photograph genres

Documentary photographs
Photojournalism or real life reportage. The photographer attemps to produce truthful, objective, and usually candid image, most requently of people. Examples: portraits without eye contact, street scenes or every day situations.

Descriptive photographs
How the camera sees a piece of time and space. Respecting the medium by letting it do what it does best: describe. And respect for the subject by describing it as it is. Examples: still life, architecture, aero and nature photography.

Conceptual photographs
A photograph of an idea. Usually the conception of the idea precedes the realisation of the photography. Examples: staged photographs, colour coordinated or digitally realisation of the image.

Documentary​ Descriptive Conceptual