Photograph guidelines

Photograph moods
The use of colours and lightning ensures pictures are consistent regardless of their subject. All images should create a friendly, relaxed and natural mood. This supports our aim to be easy to approach.

Images should be shot mainly in available daylight. Strong studio lighting or staged lighting is not recommended unless it creates extra value to the image. Oversaturated images should be avoided and post-production should be kept realistic. Experimenting with light is however allowed in order to create interesting and innovative photographs.

Images must be clear and simple in both idea and composition. Simple elegance is timeless and suitable for longterm use. Blur effects should be avoided.

Genuineness and sociability
The stories in photographs must be believable. Settings should not be over-arranged. Posing for the camera should be avoided. People appearing in photographs should have a genuine, personal look and be used to standing in front of a camera. Diversity of models (age, gender, nationality) should be promoted.

Colour balance and richness of tones
The colour palette derived from Fortum's colour chart should be visible when possible. It should however be taken into account that heavy colour branding easily ruins natural look and feel. The tones are natural and fresh. The composition is balanced but not monotonous. When needed, colours can be adjusted in post-production.

Professional quality
All images must create an impression of high quality and well thought-out ideas. Especially images used in marketing communications should be the work of professionals.

When choosing images
Pay attention to details such as safety and the environment, and ensure the background does not feature any disturbing elements. Note also that Fortum should be the only brand visible; avoid all readily recognizable brands and labels e.g. in clothes, computers or other appliances.