Our brand is a strong asset and everything we do at Fortum impacts people’s image of the brand. There is only one Fortum and that’s why we want to adhere to one, unified brand everywhere. Our brand helps us also to establish a good reputation, trust and preference among our stakeholders.

Our mission, vision and strategy

Global megatrends as well as low energy prices and the low overall economic development have created a need for energy sector transformation. Fortum aims to meet these global challenges with its strategy that targets growth and continued profitability with strong focus on clean energy, customers and shareholder value creation.

Fortum's vision is to be the forerunner in clean energy. Its strategy towards the vision has four cornerstones: (1) enhance productivity of the current fleet and drive industry transformation, (2) create sustainable solutions for growing cities and urban areas, (3) increase investments in solar and wind power, and (4) build new energy ventures.

Sustainability is an integral part of Fortum's strategy. The tight link between business operations and corporate responsibility underscores the importance of sustainability as a competitive advantage. In its operations, Fortum gives balanced consideration to economic, social and environmental responsibility.