​Here you find guidelines how to position Fortum logo and other information in forms, covering notes and envelopes.

Form A4 210 x 297 mm                                                                                Covering note A5 210 x 148.5 mm


Typography for the covering note
Text Covering letter: Corporate A Regular 12 pt Fortum dark green P2
Other text: Corporate S Regular 8/16 pt 80% black
Lines and checkboxes: 0.5 pt 80% black
Dividing line: 0.5 pt 100% black


C5 229 x 162 mm
The width of the corporate logotype on C5 and C4 envelopes is 40 mm.
If a return address is used, it should be centered on the "flap" of the envelope and left aligned as a text group.
A possible message (invitation, offer etc) should be placed on the bottom-left corner of the envelope. The left margin is 10 mm and the lower margin 12 mm.


Message: Corporate A Regular 28/29 pt Fortum light green P1
Return address: Corporate S Regular 7/7 pt 80% black