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The authors of ForTheDoers blog include our experts all around the company as well as members of our top management.

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Arun Aggarwal

Arun Aggarwal

Senior Vice President, Business Technology

Twitter: @_ArunAggarwal


Vesa Ahoniemi

CEO Advisor. Before joining the CEO Office, Vesa worked as Commodities Analyst at Fortum's Trading and Asset Optimisation unit.

Twitter: @VAhoniemi


Heli Antila

Heli is Fortum's Vice President, Biobased Solutions. She is working on bioeconomy, Bio2X and resource efficiency-related issues. Previously she has been responsible for the company's research, development and innovation activities.

Twitter: @AntilaHeli

Dmitriy Borovikov

Dmitriy Borovikov

Vice President for Strategy, Production Portfolio Management and Trading in Fortum Russia.


Tatu Hocksell

Tatu Hocksell

Tatu works at Fortum’s Brussels office. He is helping the Public Affairs function in EU affairs.

Twitter: @THocksell

Elba Horta

Elba Horta

Elba is Business Development Manager at, the world’s first B2B marketplace for carbon removals. She helps companies in their journey to carbon net zero.



Esa Hyvärinen

Head of CEO Office. Previously Esa has been heading Fortum's Public Affairs unit.

Twitter: @EsaHyvarinen


Viki Kaasinen

Viki is heading the development of smart energy systems at Fortum's Heating & Cooling business.

Twitter: @VikiKaasinen



Kari Kankaanpää

Fortum's Senior Manager, Climate Affairs. Main responsibilities include climate change and carbon market issues.

Twitter: @KankaKari

Heikki Keskiväli

Heikki Keskiväli

Getting rid of coal in Finland to help Espoo district heating with decarbonisation by 2030. Currently Strategic Projects Manager in District Heating and Cooling Finland, previous positions in solar business development, Hafslund integration management office and advisor in CEO Office. Joined Fortum in 2012.

Twitter: @hkeskiva


Monika Kuusela

Senior Manager at Fortum’s Public Affairs. Main responsibilities are heating and cooling and bioeconomy.

Twitter: @MonikaKuusela

Per Langer

Per Langer

Executive VP of Fortum's City Solutions division.

Jacek Lawrecki

Jacek Ławrecki

Heading Fortum's communications in Poland and Baltic countries. Jacek is also responsible for the electric airplane project in Poland.

Twitter: @JacekLawrecki

Marjut Lovio

Marjut Lovio

Marjut works for our Sustainability unit as Sustainability Manager, Social and Economic responsibility.


Pekka Lundmark

Fortum's President and CEO.

Twitter: @PekkaLundmark


Catarina Nauclér

Fortum's R&D Manager in Sweden.

Twitter: @CatarinaNaucler

Simon-Erik Ollus

Simon-Erik Ollus

Vice President, Trading & Asset Optimisation


Merja Paavola

Vice President, Corporate Relations at Fortum. Responsible for power market and climate change issues and EU affairs.

Twitter: @MerjaPaavola


Anssi Paalanen

Fortum's Vice President, Horse Power.

Twitter: @AnssiPaalanen

Antti Rantakaulio

Antti Rantakaulio

Project manager of our small modular reactor (SMR) research & development project.


Markus Rauramo

Fortum's CFO and member of the Executive Management team. Previously he has been heading Fortum’s City Solutions Division.

Twitter: @MarkusRauramo23


Ulla Rehell

Fortum's Vice President, Sustainability.

Twitter: @UllaRehell



Arto Räty

Fortum's Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications. Member of the Executive Management team.

Twitter: @ArtoRaty

Peter Röttgen

Peter Röttgen

Fortum's Vice President, Public Affairs, Germany.

Twitter: @PeterRoettgen


Eero Vartiainen

Fortum’s Solar Technology Manager. Eero represents Fortum and Finland in the Steering Committee of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV).