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Summer Jobs at Fortum

Summer jobs are open for applications
Summer trainees in Fortum showroom

Energetic Summer Jobs at Fortum

The greatest challenge of our time is here. Do you want to take an active role for a cleaner world and join us? We employ around 150 summer trainees every summer in Finland. With us, you can jump into the world of the circular economy, gain experience in hydropower, nuclear power or district heating or learn new things in innovation, HR or financial administration tasks. Summer employees work with us in versatile tasks, gaining valuable experience in working life, as well as expert guidance in the heart of the energy industry. For us, all kinds of backgrounds are valuable and we hire trainees in different stages of their studies.

Fortum Summer Trainees 2022

Make the most of your summer job

As a large company, we provide you as a student or recent graduate countless paths to build your career exactly the way you want. We offer opportunities for summer trainees to continue working part-time after the summer. We are flexible so that it would be easy for you to combine your work and studies. We also have dozens of thesis workers every year, so this is one way to continue your career with us. Read more about Summer Energy (in Finnish).

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Our recruitment process

The recruitment process for summer trainees begins with the review of applications. Our first contact is often an e-mail invitation to a video interview, after which the most suitable candidates for the position are invited to meet the recruiting manager at our premises. Below you can find a Q&A with questions and answers you might find helpful.

Fortum stand at Aalto Talent Expo

Come meet us

  • 27.10.2022 The Energy Event of Finland, Tampere
  • 10.11.2022 Aalto Talent Expo
  • 22.11.2022 LUT & LAB DuuniDay
  • 24.1.2023 LUT Partner Day
  • 26.1.2023 Contact Forum, Helsinki
  • 31.1.2023 Tekniikan työnantajapäivät, Metropolia

Summer Job Q&A

How to apply for a summer job at Fortum?

In 2023 the application period for summer jobs is from 9th of January until 2nd of February. You can find all open jobs from our job listing.  To find the relevant jobs easier you can narrow down the selection of jobs by choosing "Summer Energy" from the job category filter. When you find the right opportunity for you, simply click "apply" and continue to submit your application.

Is it possible to apply for several summer jobs?

It's likely that there can be several interesting job opportunities open. Just remember that there might be multiple recruiters and hiring managers reading through the applications so we encourage to tailor your applications for each individual job.

How can I get additional information / answers to my questions?

If you have any questions about a specific job, you can reach out to our recruiting manager. The contact details can be found from the job ad. 

What data / information should I include to my application?

In your CV, clearly state your educational background and experience by indicating why you are the ideal match for the job you are applying for. Do you have specific trainings, school projects you participated or hobbies that could be relevant? Then let us know. You can also submit a cover letter together with your CV to highlight your motivation. We recommend to use a PDF document.

How do I know that I have successfully submitted an application?

After submitting your application, you will receive an automated email confirmation. You can also log in to your candidate profile and check which jobs you have applied for.

What is the recruitment process like for summer jobs?

Our recruiters / recruiting managers review each job applicant. They will reach out to those who appear to be a potential match with the position to agree about next steps. If you don’t hear from us right away - don’t worry - that might be because at times we are going through a lot of applications. If your profile and your experiences match with the requirements of the role, the next step is typically a short video interview or a personal interview. Video interviews are used in the first interview stage. They are flexible for you, as you can record the answers any time that suits you the best. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond personally to every application that we receive. But we will inform you by email if we don't move forward with your application. Good thing is that you can accept to be considered for other positions as well. In this case, we have your profile in the loop and can call you back, with a job that might be an even better fit for you.

Is it possible to work remotely at Fortum?

This depend on your role and tasks. Many of us Fortumers work in a hybrid model which is a combination of remote and office work. 

How do you define the salary for summer trainees?

The salary of a trainee is determined by the nature and difficulty of the work assignment, prior experience and  educational background.

Is it possible to continue working in the company after the summer traineeship?

Many of our trainees continue working after the summer. This could be for example hourly-work or thesis work combined with your studies.