Mattias Kullervik, Sales Manager

Mattias holds a MSc degree in Business Administration with a focus in IT. He came in contact with Fortum when he was a student writing his Master’s thesis for Fortum’s IT department. After he graduated he started an exciting journey with the company and today, after taking several different positions internally, Mattias is responsible for ensuring that Fortum as an energy supplier has an optimal portfolio of packaged offerings.


Could you tell us about your work?

 "The electricity sales market is in an exciting phase, and in light of the challenging and changing market conditions, part of my job is to develop and enhance our products and offerings for various customer segments and to ultimately attract new and retain existing customers.” 


What’s it like working in electricity sales?

"The energy market is clearly more exciting and challenging than most people think. In a short time the market has gone from being deregulated to being exposed to tough competition. It’s great to be part of that development and to work on always being in the forefront and understanding changing customer needs.”


What are the major advantages of your job?

“In our team we are a diverse group of people of different ages and backgrounds. The mix is an asset and it enriches our discussions because of the many perspectives and different experiences. There is always a lot going on here and the pace is fast.”


It sounds both enjoyable and intense. How do you find energy and balance?

“I have a lot of flexibility in my work. It’s the results that count and if I need to work from home now and then, that’s no problem. I feel that I have a good work-life balance.”