What can we offer you?

Since we are operating across the energy chain, from the production to the end customer – and in many different countries, the development and career opportunities at Fortum are vast. We offer exciting challenges for engineers, business professionals and for anyone as passionate about clean energy and circular economy as we are.

Fortum career opportunities

Continuous development and job rotation opportunities

An essential factor in being successful lies in ensuring that all of our employees are constantly developing. Our goal is that every Fortumer has an individual development plan which is followed up on regularly. As a Fortum employee, you set the direction of your own development and with the right amount of drive and commitment, you have every opportunity to grow in your career.

There are many opportunities for career development in our company, both as a specialist and as a leader. We strongly believe that increasing your responsibilities or moving from one job or assignment to another, is one of the best ways to accelerate personal development and to increase the agility and competitiveness of our company. Every year we offer hundreds of internal job rotation opportunities for our employees and it is common practice that Fortumers change positions within the company - both horizontally and vertically. As our operations reach across many countries, international career opportunities are available as well.


Performance-driven rewards

When you do your best, we believe you deserve the best. With our rewards structure you will be sure to get credit for all of your hard work, as we strive for competitive and performance-driven remuneration. ​Our rewards package consists of tangible monetary rewards, such as a base salary, short-, and long-term incentives and benefits. It also includes intangible non-monetary rewards, like career development opportunities, a fair and motivating leadership and work environment, and the possibility to have an impact while maintaining personal well-being.

The salary level reflects both the position requirements as well as individual performance. We reward high performance through our annual Fortum-wide incentive plan. The incentive is based on clear, measurable targets that are aligned with the company strategy. The targets are mutually agreed in structured performance and development discussions, which enables all Fortumers to influence their rewards through excellent performance.

”Fortum allows me to grow and take on new challenges”

Anna Vidlund, Head of Operations, Generation, Trading and Asset Optimisation

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