Our options to you how to send e-invoices to us

Send e-invoices through an operator

You already have an agreement with an e-invoice operator. Ask your operator to route the e-invoices to us through Basware e-invoice service (Basware's operator ID is BAWCFI22). Basware has agreements with several e-invoice operators: Basware Network Interopeability

Integrated solution by Basware

If you send more than 500 invoices per month, option for you is to send the invoices directly from your invoicing system. It is possible with the help of Basware e-invoicing solution or any other e-invoice service provider. The same solution can be used for sending e-invoices to all other customers which can receive e-invoices.

Using XML or corresponding e-invoice file formats (e.g. TEAPPS, FINVOICE, SVEFAKTURA, OIO XML, PEPPOL BIS) provides fastest way to build up connection straight from invoicing system by taking into account country specific requirements.

e-invoices through Basware Portal

If you send less than a 100 invoices per year we are providing you the free solution to send e-invoices through a Basware Portal. The user-friendly Basware Portal is a good alternative for issuing, sending and following-up of invoices.

Please send email to e-invoices [at] fortum [dot] com and request access to Basware Portal for sending e-invoices. Fortum sends Basware Portal registration link based on your request.

You can start sending e-invoices to our companies/units by registering in the Basware Portal.

Link to Basware Portal user instruction