Annual General Meeting 2020

Fortum Corporation’s Annual General Meeting 2020 is planned to be held on Tuesday 17 March 2020.
Shareholders' proposals to the Board of Directors for matters to be included on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall be delivered to the company on 10 January 2020 at the latest. The proposals are to be sent to the following address:

Fortum Corporation 
Legal Affairs/AGM 
P.O. Box 100
00048 FORTUM

The Notice to the Annual General Meeting is estimated to be published by stock exchange release and on the company's website on 6 February 2020. Financial statements and Operating and financial review for 2019 will be published during week 8  at the latest.
Dates related to possible dividend distribution are:

- the ex-dividend date: 18 March 2020, 
- the record date for dividend payment: 19 March 2020, and
- the dividend payment date: 26 March 2020.


General Meetings' materials in archive