Board meetings

In 2017, the Board of Directors met 17 times, and the attendance rate was 97 %. Detailed information on the Board members' participation rates is available in the Corporate Governance Statement.

The Board of Directors convenes according to a previously agreed schedule to discuss specified themes and issues on its
charter. The Chairman of the Board of Directors prepares the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting based on the proposal by the President and CEO. The members of the Board of Directors have the right to suggest specific matters and have them included on the agenda. More than half of the members must be present at the meeting to constitute a quorum. Decisions of the Board of Directors shall be made by a simple majority. The Board of Directors has approved a written charter for its work, the main content of which is disclosed herein, including the duties of the Board of Directors.

The President and CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, and the General Counsel, as secretary to the Board of Directors, attend
the Board meetings on a regular basis. Other Fortum Executive Management members and senior executives attend as required.

Fortum's Corporate Governance Statements

Corporate governance in Fortum is based on Finnish laws and the company's Articles of Association

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