Fortum's incentive schemes

Fortum wants to recognise high performance and value-based behaviour and aims to offer a competitive remuneration package for senior management and other key employees. The objective is to attract, commit and retain key resources in all countries where the company operates.

Short-term incentives (STI)

Fortum’s STI programme is designed to support the achievement of the company’s financial and other relevant targets on an annual basis. As a main principle, all employees are covered by the programme or alternatively by a business specific or a comparable local variable pay arrangement.

The Board of Directors determines the performance criteria and award levels for the Fortum Executive Management. The awards are based on the achievement of Group financial performance, divisional targets, and individual targets. The target incentive opportunity is 20% and the maximum incentive opportunity is 40% of the annual base salary. The Board of Directors assesses the performance of the President and CEO and the members of the Fortum Executive Management on a regular basis.

Awards for other employees are based on a combination of Group, divisional or functional, and personal or team targets. The targets are set in annual performance discussions held at the beginning of the year. Awards under the STI programme are paid solely in cash.

In addition to the STI programme, other variable pay mechanisms may be used to reward employees for limited specific purposes, e.g. projects with significant importance and impact on Fortum level or to reward for extraordinary commitment and effort.

Long-term incentives (LTI)

The purpose of Fortum’s long-term incentive programme is to support the delivery of sustainable long-term performance, align the interests of management with those of shareholders, and support in committing and retaining key individuals.

Fortum’s LTI programme provides participants with the opportunity to earn company shares. Under the LTI programme and subject to the decision of the Board of Directors, a new LTI plan commences annually.

The Board of Directors approves participation of the Fortum Executive Management members in each annually commencing LTI plan. Subject to a decision by the Board of Directors the President and CEO is authorised to decide on individual participants and potential maximum awards for other participants than the Fortum Executive Management in accordance with the nomination guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. Participation in the LTI plan precludes the individual from being a member in the Fortum Personnel Fund.

Fortum’s long-term incentive programmes 31 December 2019

Long-term incentive programs

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