Members of Fortum Executive Management in Finland participate in the Finnish TyEL pension system, which provides for a retirement benefit based on earnings in accordance with the prescribed statutory system.

In the Finnish pension system earnings are based on base pay, annual bonuses, and taxable fringe benefits, but gains realised from the LTI plans are not included. Members of the Fortum Executive Management outside Finland participate in pension systems based on statutory pension arrangements and market practices in their local countries.

In addition to the statutory pensions, the members of the Fortum Executive Management have supplementary pension arrangements. The Group principle is that all new supplementary pension arrangements for the President and CEO as well as the Fortum Executive Management are defined contribution plans.

The retirement age for Fortum’s President and CEO is 63, and for the other members of the Fortum Executive Management the retirement age varies between 62 and 65. For the President and CEO and other members of the Fortum Executive Management, the maximum supplementary pension premium is 25% of the annual base salary. For members joining the Fortum Executive Management after the end of the year 2016 as well as for those current members to whom the premium has been below 20% of the annual salary, the pension premium is 20% of the annual base salary as of 1 January 2017. Finnish members of the Fortum Executive Management, who joined Fortum prior to 1 January 2009, are entitled to a supplementary defined benefit pension plan. This currently
applies to only one member of the Fortum Executive Management and in this case, the pension is provided by Fortum’s Pension Fund.

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