Fortum in Estonia

Our business aim in Estonia is to develop sustainable energy solutions for cities of Tartu and Pärnu, meeting the needs of local communities. The main business operations based on local and renewable energy are production, distribution and sales of electricity, district heating and cooling.

Picture of Pärnu CHP plant in Estonia

Electricity generated in CHP plants is distributed and sold to NordPool and heat is distributed and sold directly to different customer segments from industrial businesses to housing associations as well to private houses. New products such as district cooling have been launched in the Estonian market.

Fortum's business in Pärnu operates Pärnu's CHP plant and district heating and network. The plant utilizes local biofuels such as wood chips and wood residues. CHP plant has been in operation since November 2010 and its production capacity is 24 MW of electricity and 45 MW of heat. In Pärnu, Fortum has approx 890 customers and 19 000 end users. The total length of the district heating network is around 90 km from which approx. 84% is pre-isolated/renewed. 52 professionals are working for the Pärnu business.

From the beginning of 2018 new products have been launched to industrial customers nearby the Pärnu CHP plant. We are supplying customers with steam and electricity via a direct line. District cooling for business customers in Pärnu downtown was launched in Mid-2019.

Fortum's business in Tartu operates one of the first CHP plants in Estonia and owns Tartu district heating network. The capacity of the Tartu CHP plant is 25 MW of electricity and 50 MW. The plant has been in operation since April 2009 using local fuels, woodchips and milled peat, whereby a large part of the peat comes from the company's own peat deposits. Fortum Tartu has approx 1 900 customers and 72 000 end users. The total length of the district heating network is around 195 km from which approx. 84% is pre-isolated/renewed.

2016 Fortum Tartu made history in the Baltic energy sector and opened the first district cooling plant and network in Tartu downtown, serving nearby business customers. The second district cooling system started its production in 2017 and is providing cool for the Lõunakeskus Tradepark area, the biggest supermarket/entertainment complex in Southern Estonia. The next district cooling system is under development. Fortum Tartu has 69 employees.

Fortum has also Financial Services in Estonia. Financial Services' back office is located in Tallinn and provides accounting, reporting, payroll and tax services to more than 100 Fortum companies globally. The back office has 64 employees.

12 March 2021
Fortum has signed an agreement to sell its district heating business in the Baltics to Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm, acting on behalf of its clients.