Fortum in Norway

Fortum's operations in Norway consists of electricity sales, production and distribution of renewable district heating, infrastructure for charging of electric vehicles, advanced waste treatment services and wind power production.


Electricity sales

Fortum is the largest electricity retail company in the Nordics with approximately 2.4 million customers in Finland, Norway and Sweden. In Norway, Fortum has four different brands: Fortum, Hafslund Strøm, NorgesEnergi and Hallingkraft. Our Norwegian electricity customers consists of both households and businesses.

Waste management and district heating

Fortum Oslo Varme is jointly owned by Fortum and the City of Oslo, and ensures the safe and environmentally friendly treatment of residual waste that cannot or should not be recycled. We recover energy from waste and other environmentally friendly resources to provide green district heating and electricity. Fortum Oslo Varme is the largest supplier of district heating in Norway and is responsible for 36 per cent of all district heating generated in Norway.

Fortum Waste Solutions provides advanced waste management services and recycling for industries, cities and communities.

Charging of electric vehicles

As of February 2019, there are approximately more than 275 000 fully electric vehicles registered in Norway, which means that the country has the highest per capita amount of electric cars in the world. Fortum Charge & Drive is the leading operator of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Norway, with more than 150 000 customers and more than 2400 chargers, as of February 2020.

Wind power

In Northern Norway, Fortum owns Nygårdsfjellet wind farm which has an installed capacity of 32 MW. Fortum is currently preparing the construction of Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord wind farms, which are expected to be commissioned in 2020. When built, the installed capacity of the three wind farms will total approximately 170 MW.

Energy production

Our power plants

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