Fortum brand

Fortum brand

Our purpose, why we exist
Our purpose is to drive the change for a cleaner world. Our brand derives from the company purpose. The symbol of the Fortum brand, Fortum logo, represents our care for the planet and continuous work to drive the clean energy transition.

Insight where Fortum brand is based on
“Our greatest challenge is mitigating climate change while enabling societies and nature evolve and thrive together. The energy sector can drive decarbonization of societies at large with sustainable, affordable and reliable energy”

Brand positioning and differentiation from others
“With our Nordic and international experience, we drive decarbonization by providing clean, reliable and affordable energy so that societies, industries and nature can thrive together.”

Our unique position is based on Fortum´s Nordic heritage, respect of nature, credible track-record in Nordic countries combined with Uniper´s wide international know-how and experience in transition towards net-zero.

Brand value proposition
“We drive decarbonization so that societies, industries and nature can thrive together.”

Fortum accelerates transition to carbon neutrality by lowering emissions of energy production, developing new technologies and providing decarbonization solutions for customers. Simultaneously mitigating climate change and guaranteeing human progress is the promise Fortum strives for.

What Fortum brand wants to be known for
1) We are purpose-driven and curious changemakers
2) We decarbonizing society while enabling growth
3) We are solving the energy trilemma
4) We drive the change for a cleaner world so that societies, industries and nature can thrive together.

Fortum logo sign

Visual identity

Green color, Fortum Sans font and powerful images are in the center of our visual identity.

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Singalong Shuttle

Brand comes alive

Our purpose and strategy guide us towards a cleaner world. In addition to our everyday business operations, we want to engage and inspire people and societies to make the world cleaner and more sustainable.

Get inspired!