Fortum in Denmark

Our operation in Recycling & Waste Denmark makes us a prerequisite for circular economy in the Danish and Nordic community.


With the point of origin in the high-temperature incineration facility in Nyborg, Fortum Recycling & Waste Denmark have removed hazards from the environment for almost 50 years. This makes us a prerequisite for the circular economy in the Danish and Nordic community. We increase environmental efficiency for Danish industry through comprehensive services and solutions for final treatment, reutilisation and recovery of complicated and hazardous waste.

Fortum Recycling & Waste manage hazardous waste through Best Available Techniques, and convert the organic waste in thermal incineration processes to heat and electricity. Our energy supply covers the district heating need in the city of Nyborg and the neighbouring town of Ullerslev, and we deliver a significant amount of electricity to the public electricity grid.

Fortum Recycling & Waste Denmark comply with all relevant standards and have processing capacity for approx. 200.000 tonnes of hazardous waste. The company recovers oil, iron and metals and deliver full traceability throughout the process. Furthermore, we develop solutions for the recycling of soil, ash, slags, plastics and EV-batteries. Fortum Waste Solutions A/S has created value for e.g. Manufacturing Industries, the Maritime Industry (ports and offshore), Universities, hospitals, Collection companies and workshops.

Energy production

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