Fortum in Poland

The core business of Fortum in Poland is high-efficiency combined heat and power production, heat distribution, gas, and electricity retail. The company aims to develop sustainable solutions for cleaner cities, meeting the needs of local communities.

CHP plant in Zabrze

Fortum entered the Polish market in 2003. In the heating and cooling businesses, there are two CHP plants and over 940 km of district heating networks, which serve around 360,000 households in the cities of Plock, Wroclaw, Czestochowa, Zabrze, and Bytom. The overall electricity generation capacity reaches 145 MW, and the heat generation capacity is over 568 MW. In 2022 Fortum had approximately 630 employees in Poland.

Fortum's CHP plant in Czestochowa, which was built from the ground up, was opened in 2010. The CHP plant uses coal and biomass as sources of energy.

In September 2018, Fortum inaugurated a new multi-fuel CHP plant in Zabrze. The new power plant complies with high environmental and BAT (Best Available Technology) standards. The plant provides district heating to some 70,000 households in Zabrze and Bytom, in the Silesia region in southeastern Poland. The new investment replaced the outdated, purely coal-fired units in Zabrze and enhanced the two cities' energy production efficiency. The new plant has a production capacity of 225 MW, and the annual production is estimated to amount to approximately 464 GWh of electricity and 986 GWh of heat.

Fortum also sells gas and electricity to both: business clients and individual customers. The total number of clients Fortum provides with gas and electricity amounts to above 100,000. Fortum draws on experience from Nordic markets to ensure sustainably and the highest quality solutions to its customers.


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