Fortum in Estonia

Our operations in Estonia, are focused on power and heat generation as well as heat distribution and sales. Almost 80% of the energy production is based on renewable energy sources (mainly biomass).

Fortum in Estonia

Our business

We provide heat to housing associations, private households, large industrial companies, municipal buildings, and more. In May 2016, the first Baltic district cooling plant and network were opened in downtown Tartu, Estonia.

A second district cooling plant and network in Tartu was built for Lõunakeskus Tradepark, and has been operating since May 2017. Soon district cooling will also be developed for Pärnu. We have a 60% stake of the business in Tartu, while we own 100% of the business in Pärnu.

Our services and solutions

Our services and solutions include power, heat and steam sales and district heating and cooling.

 Some key figures for Estonia

Power generation, capacity 49 MW
Heat production, capacity 481 MW
Employees 31 Dec 2017 ​207
CO2 emissions 0.07 Mt


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