Fortum in Russia

Our operations in Russia are focused on electricity and heat production. We sell electricity to the wholesale market and heat on the local markets.

Fortum in Russia

Our business

We have more than five decades of experience of working in Russia. Our operations are located in Western Siberia, where industrial production is dominated by the oil and gas industries, and in the Southern Urals area, which is dominated by the metals industry.

Our products and services

Our services include power and heat sales as well as district heating solutions. We operate eight thermal power plants in the Urals and Western Siberia and Russia’s first wholesale market wind park in the Ulyanovsk region.

Some key figures for Russia

Power generation, capacity 4,794 MW
Heat production capacity 10,094 MW
Employees 31 Dec 2017 ​3,494
CO2 emissions ​15,4 Mt


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