The river Byälven runs in the region of Värmland in Sweden. Fortum has five hydro power plants in the catchment area of Byälven.

Steps on hydro plant by water

River system Byälven

The biggest power plants are Jössefors and Glava, both commissioned in the 1950s. Glava is an underground power plant with a height drop of no less than 97 m. The catchment area also includes the following smaller power plants: Noreborg, Åmotfors and Kroppstadfors.

Hydro power plant Stream Installed capacity (MW) Normal annual production (GWh) Year of Comm. Fortum's share (%)
Noreborg Byälven 3.0 9.4 1958 100
Åmotfors Byälven 1.1 3.5 1943 100
Kroppstadfors Byälven 3.5 11.2 1959 100
Jössefors Jösseälven 26.0 64.5 1951 60
Glava Glasälven 16.0 30.0 1958 100