The river Gullspångsälven in Sweden is one of Fortum's biggest main drainage basins in terms of number of plants, with 8 power plants distributed amongst three watercourses. Together with the arms Svartälven and Timsälven, the catchment area comprises 5,000 km².

Close up of Gullspång Hydro plant

​River system Gullspångsälven

Gullspång is the power plant with the biggest output in the area. Lake Skagern is the storage reservoir for Gullspångsälven. Gullspång salmon are an exceptionally valuable strain of salmon, thanks to their fast growth and high final weight − approx. 6 kg on first reaching sexual maturity.

For spawning and growth, they are chiefly directed into two small areas of rapids downstream of Gullspång power plant and just upstream of the river mouth. The catchment area also includes the following smaller power plants: Skråmforsen, Björkborn and Bofors.

Hydro power plant Stream Installed capacity (MW) Normal annual production (GWh) Year of Comm. Fortum's share (%)
Brattforsen Svartälven 8.0 40.5 1940 100
Skråmforsen Svartälven 4.0 21.4 1940 100
Karåsen Svartälven 12.5 44.2 1936 100
Björkborn Timsälven 2.5 9.9 1927 100
Bofors Timsälven 4.0 16.9 1917 100
Degerfors Letälven 6.4 29.5 1946 100
Åtorp Letälven 10.0 35.0 1933 100
Gullspång Gullspångsälven 40.0 97.8 1906 100