Ljungan is a 399 km long river that flows from the Swedish mountains to south of Sundsvall. Fortum has four power plants in the river system Ljungan, of which two are fully-owned.

Detail of hydro plant with water streaming below

​River system Ljungan

Parteboda is the smaller of the two plants using the Ångesjön Lake as its reservoir. The Ljunga power plant was built in 1971–1973. It is a combination of a cliff station and a land station. The water that passes through the turbines is lead through a 6 km long drain pipe that empties into the Torpsjön Lake.​

Hydro power plant Stream Installed capacity (MW) Normal annual production (GWh) Year of Comm. Fortum's share (%)
Järnvägsforsen Ljungan 100 408 1976 2.58
Parteboda Ljungan 35 176 1960 100
Hermansboda Ljungan 12 61 1962 50
Ljunga Ljungan 59 268 1973 100