Blaiken wind farm

Together with Skellefteå Kraft we own one of the largest wind farms in Europe in the Blaiken area of Northern Sweden. Fortum share is 15 % of Blaiken Vind AB in Sweden and controls 15 of 99 wind turbines. The total capacity of the Blaiken wind farm is 247.5 MW.

Picture of wind farm Blaiken

Blaiken - one of Northern Europe's largest wind farms

The wind farm Blaiken was inaugurated on 7 September 2017, and with its 99 wind turbines it is not only one of Europe’s largest wind farms with a yearly production corresponding 161 500 apartments usage of electricity, it is also the first of its kind in an arctic climate. The latter has led to increased knowledge regarding construction and running of wind farms which will benefit the whole industry – for instance, other actors will learn about the unique ice protection system used.

Blaiken wind farm in numbers:

  • 99 wind turbines

  • Installed effect of 247.5 MW

  • Yearly production of approx. 714 GWh/year

  • SEK 3.3 billion invested

  • Grant received from NER 300 of EUR 15 million

  • Is expected to contribute to carbon dioxide emission reduction with approx. 690 000 tonnes/year