Chelyabinsk CHP-2

In Russia, the CHP plant Chelyabinsk CHP-2 was commissioned in 1962 with the first power unit’s 60 MW capacity. Since then, the plant capacity has increased fivefold.

Chelyabinsk CHP-2

The power plant supplies the city with heat generated in a combined cycle. Engineering solutions implemented here enable flexible distribution of the heat load between Chelyabinsk CHP-2 and Chelyabinsk CHP-1 and ensure the reliable supply of heat to the residents. This power plant uses gas and coal as fuel.

In 2015, a continuous emissions monitoring system was implemented for coal-fired operation. The flue-gas parameters are published on Fortum Russia's website.


PAO Fortum, Chelyabinsk CHP-2

Power Plant Manager: Irina Bozhukova
ul. Lineinaya 69
454079 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel: +7 351 239 33 59